About Us




 Founder: Solange Aurelio


MoodFix Wellness was born as a need for self-love.  When I tragically lost my mother the day before my wedding, I went into depression and became unhealthy.  My health and well-being went into a downward spiral and I couldn't seem to get out of it, emotionally or physically.  After a year of unhealthy behaviors I knew something had to change. 

I began by challenging myself to make small lifestyle changes in my quest back to health. That's where my love and passion for healthy food and exercise took a sharp turn.  I was inspired to create nutrient dense alternative foods that contained superfoods, herbal supplements, and holistic remedies to treat my ailments.  This change in lifestyle gave me a great sense of control over my health, a better perspective of life and inner peace.

My mother and I really enjoyed cooking together.  The kitchen is comfort to me.  Having been in the food industry for nearly 14 years I combined my new-found passion for wellness and my love for food to create recipes filled with superfoods and dietary supplements. I decided to create smoothies, smoothie bowls, energy balls, and tonics.  I shared my energy balls with friends and family and like me they couldn't get enough of them giving way to MoodFix Wellness's Energy Balls.

My journey back to health and self-love is the impetus for MoodFix Wellness.  Love of self, love for all, and a healthy mind and soul is my life's greatest joy.